Our Story

Jnanalok Institute of natural intelligence is an academic endeavor that envisages natural intelligence for healthy living. It has congregated a learned team of experts in mindfulness, science, yoga and natural intelligence. The objective of Jnini is to up-thrust a person’s way of living to healthy living experiencing natural intelligence and beyond. The primitive aim of Jnini is to help people to develop a balance between aim and activity. The course we are providing, it can prepare someone, both physically and mentally for upcoming challenges of life. The union of body, mind and soul can excel the wellness sphere. We need healthier, compassionate future generation for the society and nation. Jnanalok Institute of natural intelligence is an affiliated institute that is working under Raj Yoga Kriya Yoga Mission.


Seminary of Yoga Meditation

Seminary of Yoga and Meditation

We are offering this for promoting basic health.

Seminary of Technology

Course and training we are offering under, Seminary of Technology.


Meet Our Team!

Jnanalok Institute of natural intelligence team

Achraya Dr Sudhin Ray


Mr.Kinkar Choudhury

Technical Expert & consultant

Dr.Oindri Ray

Founder of Jnini

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