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Yoga and Meditation

  • You will learn to create your own Scientific Yogic routine.
  • You will learn the functional anatomy of the major biological systems from the experts.
  • You will learn simple tricks to keep yourself healthy.
  • Correct your posture.
  • Correct your food habits.

The purpose of running the course is to make the science of yoga understandable.

Next Session -Coming Soon. 

20 days interactive workshop on Gita- the song of Lord for students and professionals.

The workshop will cover the following –

1. To figure out the mental inertia.
2. The trick of karma.
3. Self-knowledge
4. Sthitaprajna
5. Mystery of karma
6. Religion of intelligence
7. Personality development

After successful completion , participants will earn a Completion certificate.


Course and training we are offering under

Seminary of Technology