Yoga Volunteer


1. Name o f the Certification: Yoga Volunteer (YV)
2. Requirement/ Eligibility: Open for all. there is no eligibility criteria
3. Brief Role Description: For promotion o f well being of oneself and society at large;
assist in conducting group classes for Yoga Volunteer, Yoga classes in the park, Yoga
related IDY programs. Can be part o f Fit India Movement. Can conduct Yoga Break
protocol in work places.
4. Age: No age limit
5. Duration o f course: Equivalent to not less the 36 hours.
6. Certification of Yoga Volunteer: The candidate who has 80% attendance in the class shall
be eligible for certification. Certificate to the candidate shall be issued after getting the
report from the institution about the attendance of the candidate and the program



Yoga Certification Board
Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India
Website- www.yogacertificationboard.nic.in