End of Java era

Every language has it’s own philosophy, grammar, and history. It could be a language of verbal and written communication or a language for a bigger agenda like talk with a machine and the machine will do the job based on your discussion with the machine. To know the benefit of a language one has to …

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Mananat-trayate iti Mantrah

Mantra saves from boredom. A monotonous thought of worldly desire is boredom. Mantras help to liberate us from uncertainties of worldly needs. In modern busy schedule, we are struggling to fulfil our basic needs meanwhile we can experience divinity by manifesting the divine sphere within us.  The connotation of every mantra is eternity. It is …

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Jnanalok Institute of Natural Intelligence

Jnanalok Institute of natural intelligence is an academic endeavour that envisages natural intelligence for healthy living. It has congregated a learned team of experts in mindfulness, science, yoga and natural intelligence. Source :