Mananat-trayate iti Mantrah

Mantra saves from boredom.

A monotonous thought of worldly desire is boredom. Mantras help to liberate us from uncertainties of worldly needs. In modern busy schedule, we are struggling to fulfil our basic needs meanwhile we can experience divinity by manifesting the divine sphere within us.

 The connotation of every mantra is eternity. It is a ripple beyond the cognitive understanding. When the cognizance is incapable to cognize, it just melts into a transcendental sphere.

Human can sense sounds in a frequency range from almost 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Galactic sound, that originates exterior the earth’s sphere cannot be sensed by human with unembellished sound receiver. This is called cosmic noise. This noise can be experienced at higher frequency. Sometimes we can touch that in the way of inner journey. Sounds are vibrations. The explicit arrangements of group of sound establishes definite forms, like a simple temperature, variation can affect the sound. In ancient science, the clear intonation of sound along with a group of syllables and regulated breathing (kumbhak-purak-rechak) can form a celestial sphere for the inner energy. Each elocution regulates a form in the inseparable set, and groupings, generate transcendental sphere of mind. Recurrence of a Mantra has an enigmatic supremacy of delivery about divine indication.

Word has the power to form an imaginary figure. Mind is involved, when someone is in deep thought. When a group of words taken the divine form, it becomes Mantra. That is why Mantra is itself Deity.

Source : https://droray.blogspot.com/2020/10/mananat-trayate-iti-mantrah.html