End of Java era

Every language has it’s own philosophy, grammar, and history. It could be a language of verbal and written communication or a language for a bigger agenda like talk with a machine and the machine will do the job based on your discussion with the machine. To know the benefit of a language one has to understand the philosophy behind the language and to understand the philosophy one has to follow the hierarchy of the knowledge which includes history and grammar.

There are 3 guy stalwart started the journey of creating a new computer language, who are they and why they have started this journey? Is it all of sudden?

The project has been started by Google, And team members were Robert Griesemar, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson and they are behind some software industry revolution like Ken design 1st UNIX system and also he was involved in Unicode development. So why the new language required. Let’s think about available widely used language in Industry.

Source : https://kinkar-choudhury.blogspot.com/2020/09/golang-end-of-java-era.html